Seed Capital Investing

We partner with entrepreneurs who seek technical and marketing support in overcoming the hurdles of bringing their ideas to fruition. In exchange for an equity position, the Hub Seed Fund aligns with these professionals to ultimately launch companies that introduce innovative products or services into the marketplace, all within six to twelve months, through the utilization of lean methodology.

What is Lean Startup?

The HuB Seed Fund distinguishes itself by expertly applying Lean Startup methodology. This technique of launching products takes a scientific, four-milestone approach to business creation and management. Lean Startup finds value in shortening product development cycles, measuring progress and consumer response, and ultimately perfecting the product or service in alignment with feedback.

Value to Entrepreneurs

The HuB Seed Fund offers unparalleled value to both accomplished and inexperienced entrepreneurs. It is common for business owners to initially struggle with identifying revenue or overbuilding.  Through the exploitation of the HuB’s resources, individuals undertaking a business venture are exceptionally positioned to develop strength in these and other areas, and eventually function independently.

We Launch Ideas

The HuB functions to create a solid avenue for individuals who have devised an inventive idea and seek to transform that idea from a vision into a reality. This can be a powerful concept for budding entrepreneurs who feel overwhelmed or bewildered by the process of bringing an idea to fruition. As pictured, frequent creative gatherings are one of many resourceful methods that the HuB offers.


First Full Container Order

3000 unit order

The largest order to date has arrived in preparation for our existing retailers and some new ones.  About $120K in product.


CoWORK Premiere


CoWORK premiered at the HuB with over 100 invite list in attendance.


Hoodies Renamed to CoWORK


After working under the codename Hoodies for the last 3 months, the show has been given its official name and look.  The title CoWORK directly reflects the lifestyle and changing landscape in business offices.


Shirmo lands funding for Nuematic Press

Shirmo growth

Shirmo lands an additional $50K in funding to secure expansion equipment.  On the heals of growth and moving to a new space, they have purchased a new Saber series press, made by WorkHorse and distributed by Mel-Ray Industries in Crescent City.


Shirmo secures 4,000SF space

Shirmo New Production Space

With continued growth, Shirmo has entered into a deal to move from its existing 1,200SF space and triple their footprint moving into Parrish next to the new Amazon Warehouses.


Filming has started


Hmmmm….. What are we allowed to share?


BuggyBench places 3rd production order

BuggyBench has continued their supplier relationship and placed a new $40k order for production.  The newest selection will be available by the end of November.


HuB Fund 3 Open for Investment

Interested Investors should contact us for additional information and set a time for a call or walk through of the HuB Campus.


We will miss you Susie


Susie, the founder of Seekly, passed away Friday, July 11, 2014 in Tampa. I met Susie and thought she was amazingly talented, making her the first female startup we funded.  Susie was a truly unique business leader and visionary that greatly contributed to the technology, social media, and entrepreneurship scene of the Tampa Bay area.  She was CEO of the freight brokerage company ExecuTran Services Inc., founder of Valet Boss, co-founder and organizer of Startup Weekend Tampa Bay, and founder of Fido’s Laundry. In addition, Susie was very involved with several other local entrepreneurial enterprises, technology programs, and events.  We are saddened by her early passing.

Seekly will be closed down permanently and the assets stored for use if another start-up is presented that can build on all her hard work.

For additional information visit;



Ryan McDonald Joins the HuB Seed Fund Team!

We are pleased to welcome Ryan McDonald to our team! Ryan comes to us with a tremendous amount of experience, knowledge and creativity in the business world. He is well versed on topics including accounting, design, marketing, business development, programming, world markets, economics, and similar subjects. Having had many entrepreneurial successes, we look forward to all that Ryan is sure to contribute to the HuB Seed Fund.

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